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Vitus 4+ is the perfect device to manage your patient flow by getting you the right clinical information. This unique device is able to combine real-time monitoring views with clinically relevant information from the hospital intranet or programs. Special design makes it easy training for all levels of staff experience and upgradeability protects the future use of device due to new programs. Vitus 4+ is intended for use on adult, pediatric and neonatal patients.

Vitus 4+ is working as both fixed bedside monitor and portable vital sign monitor which applies most of advanced monitoring capabilities throughout the entire care path. In spite of its small size, Vitus 4+ ‘s wonderful capability make it as practical as a multi-parameter patient care monitor perfect for all relevant clinical sections such as: Emergency room, operating room, ICU, CCU and even Post- anesthesia care unit. It has also solution for being used in defibrillators, ventilators and anesthesia machines by providing the vital signs and monitoring parameters in different variety of clinical setting. 


Vitus 4+ is offering a unique solution in combination of Trionara new modular monitor Vitus 18. In this solution Vitus 18 host for Vitus 4+ as compatible module and offers multi parameter monitoring at the bedside or during the patient transportation. Vitus 4+ monitors helps provide uninterrupted high acuity monitoring so you can stay aware of the patient’s condition even during transportation. 

All these critical data will be transferred to Vitus 18 full size monitor without detaching the sensors and losing any data. Vitus 4+ combines key clinical measurements and provides access to the patient vital sign data, all in one monitor. 


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