ViTUS 18
Product Info & Technical Details
ViTUS 18 monitors are mid-acuity monitors that offer a broad range of patient monitoring capabilities which are designed for being intended for use on adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients.

ViTUS 18 monitors are using mostly in the operating room and post-operative areas, both present a powerful combination of advanced functionality and extraordinary value. 

Wide range of features included in these devices provides alarms, trends, snapshots, events, and calculations. They can be connected to displays, printers and recording devices and also can operate as a stand-alone monitor or interfaced to other devices.

ViTUS 18 monitors are able to be connected to other monitors for bed to bed viewing and to data management software devices via a network.

ViTUS 18 monitor’s simple, but nice designing allows for easy training for all staff with different experience levels, and upgradeability protects your long-term system function.

Offering devices with maximum cost efficiency while maintaining high quality is Trionara’s goal in design and offering ViTUS patient care monitors.
ViTUS 18 Datasheet 
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