Hand Held ECG, NHH-1200

Revolutionary complete mobile, hand held ECG

NHH1200 cover 


The Norav NHH-1200 is a revolutionary complete mobile, lightweight and battery operated hand held electrocardiograph, compact and simple to use. The supplied Windows based software automatically collects 12 leads for reviewing, analyzing, storing and printing of ECG information.

The Norav NHH-1200 is ideally designed for hospitals, clinics, homecare, and physician transportation that can benefit from viewing continuous ECG during emergencies using our large LCD real time display window.

Additional Features:

Displays simultaneous 12 leads in real time

Ideal for hospital departments and home visits

Stores up to 260 ECG records of 10 sec for each lead

ECG retrieve on board according to patient list

PC-ECG 1200 database is included  

Simple ECG downloading into the database

Uploads designated patient list from the database

Can automatically print all new ECG records

Large numerical keys for optional entering of ID at home visits

Rechargeable battery which lasts up to 4.5 hours charged through a USB port

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Portabel Rest ECG Datasheet 
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